Prayer Matter

Praise God for :

The journey mercies granted to: Br. Godly James, Br. Roy Mathews, Br. George Abraham, Sis. Annamma Dali, Sis. Stancey Mathew, Sis Serene Lynn John, Br. Nithin Thankachan, Br. Joel Johny & fly. Br. T.C Jacob & fly, Br. Johnly Abraham,Br. Joseph C James, Sis. Shiji Nixon, Br. Bejoy Oommen

Pray for :

Those who are travelling to and from Doha this week: Br. Roy Mathews, Br. James Mathew & fly (Parents of Sis. Ann James), Br. Jobin Joy, Br. Abel Johny, Br. Bejoy Thomas, Evg. Saviour P V

The daughter of Br. Glorymon- Lea mol who is not keeping well and is suffering from some infection in her mouth

The recovery of Sis. Able Sherry (sister-in-law of Br. Shinu Varghese) who was admitted in the ICU in Delhi. She has been shifted to the ward today morning (26th Feb)

Pray for the blessing of VBS 2024 which is planned to be conducted from 18 March to 21 March 2024. Evg. Shine P Assi from Assansol will be the guest for the VBS.

The m/o Br.Charly Mathew who had a fall, underwent a second surgery on 12th Feb. Pray for a complete recovery

Pray for those who are need of a job: Br. Joy Joseph,Br. Jobin Joy, Sis. Blessly Joel, Sis. Rini Bejoy, Sis. Nissy Bobby, Sis. Serah Rojith, Sis. Priti Kumbhar, Sis. Nancy Gladson

Please pray for those who are looking for a change in their job or facing any issues in the job.

Pray for:

• The state of Qatar, the authorities and for Economic stability in the country.

• Pray for our country India, its leaders and the political situation and for continued freedom to proclaim the Gospel.

Our Church:

• Pray for our Elders to guide and lead the Church according to God's will. Pray for the deacons, brothers and sisters who are entrusted with various responsibilities / ministries in the church

• Pray for blessing of our meetings: Worship,Bible Study, Word Ministry, Prayer meeting,Sunday school, Sister's & Youngster's meeting.

• Pray especially for brothers who are ministering from the Word of God.

• Pray that our younger generation will be used more for God’s glory and for the spiritual growth of all our brothers & sisters.

• Let us remember our ministries in Thenmala,Mavoor, Karad, Saran and Phaltan in our prayers.

Covid Crisis:

• Pray for protection from the new variants of Covid-19.

• Pray for our brethren in the medical field who are taking care of Covid patients.

• Pray for the evangelists and other brethren in India who are facing financial and social difficulties due to the pandemic.

• Pray for those who are affected with COVID:

Pray for the good results for the children who will write their board exams in March 2024 and for their admission:

- Class 12:Abel Abraham,Haniel Roy Mathews,Immanuel Benjamin,Jonathan Bivin,Samuel Joseph, Jariel Jimmy

- Class 10:Abhishek Injeti,Angela Lissa VargheseJasia Mariam Jimmy,Jemima Sabu Jacob,Johanna Susan Jogy,Nathan Blesson Abraham, Aaron Mendez

Pray for our children studying outside Qatar – for their spiritual, physical and mental nourishment so that they stand as testimony for the Lord.

Pray for those who are currently pursuing higher professional courses/certifications and appearing for exams – Br. Jairus Renji, Br. Allen Gladly, Br. Abel Johny,Sis. Caren Godly

Pray for the complete healing of:

• Evg. Abraham Thomas (F/o Sis. Grace Aji & Br. Johnly Abraham

• Sis. Winifred Jackson (w/o P. Jackson Samuel) undergoing treatment for cancer

• Bro. Biju T Mathew

•F/o. Bro. Joseph C James

• Pray for the W/o Br. Sabu Kurian for complete recovery

Pray for the complete recovery and health regain of:

• Bro. Bazal Samuel

• Bro. Kurian Philip (B/o Bro. Renji Philip)

• Sis. Tessy Jacob

Pray for a suitable life partner for:

• Sis. Jeswy Shaji, Sis. Blessly Thomas

• Br. Benji Philip, Br. Jebin Sam

• Pray for the blessing of the marriage of Sis. Stancey Mathew which is planned for July 2024

• Pray for the blessing of the marriage of Br. Jensen Binoji on 8th July 2024

• Pray for the blessing of the marriage of Br. Jestin Binoji on 10th July 2024

• Pray for the blessing of the marriage of Br. Abel Elias

Pray for our aged parents and those who are suffering from physical ailments.
For below who are recovering from various ailments:

• M/o of Sis. Mincy Shaji

• M/o of Sis. Beena Rajendran

• M/o of Bro. Shinu Varghese

• M/o Bro. M.V Shaji

• M/o Sis. Lissy Babu Parayil

• M/o Bro. Renji Philip

• M/o Sis. Smitha Gladly

• F/o Bro. Varghese Philip

• F/o. Bro. Sam Puthoor

• F/o. Bro. T.C Thomas, Bro. T.C Jacob, Bro. T.C Abraham

• F/o Bro. Shanly Abraham

• M/o of Br. Thomson Daniel

• F/o Br. Gladson Babu (suffering from high sugar)

Pray for our expecting sisters.

• Sis. Jessica Steve

• Sis. Surekha Joshua

Pray for families to be blessed with children: Br. Doni & Sis Reeba, and Br. Gayos & Sis. Susheela.

Pray for brothers who left Doha and are in full time ministries – Bro. John Kurian, Bro. M.V. Babu, Bro. Thomaskutty Kuruvilla, Bro. Samuel T. Philip, Bro.Timmy Adams, Bro.Daviskutty, Bro.Wilson Kuravakkal, Bro. Wilson George, Br. P. M.Simon, Bro. Raju Chekot, Bro. Philips A. M., Bro. Giby Baby, Bro. Robert Baby & Rufus Daniel

Pray that in the coming days, more of our youngsters and Bible school students might come forward with commitment for Evangelical work.

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