Chain Prayer

DBA Chain Prayer

Chain Prayer - Annual Bible Study by Evg. Chandapilla Philip, 30th Aug to 16th Oct

No. Time Slot Name
112:00am to 12:15amSteeve Timothy
212:15am to 12:30amJoshua Thomas Benoy
312:30am to 12:45amAdd
412:45am to 1:00amAbin M Unni
51:00am to 1:15amAdd
61:15am to 1:30amAdd
71:30am to 1:45amAdd
81:45am to 2:00amAdd
92:00am to 2:15amAdd
102:15am to 2:30amAdd
112:30am to 2:45amAdd
122:45am to 3:00amAdd
133:00am to 3:15amJoel G
143:15am to 3:30amAdd
153:30am to 3:45amAdd
163:45am to 4:00amAdd
174:00am to 4:15amAdd
184:15am to 4:30amAdd
194:30am to 4:45amSabu Kurian
204:45am to 5:00amGodly James
215:00am to 5:15amGraison
225:15am to 5:30amTc Abraham
235:30am to 5:45amRoy Mathews
245:45am to 6:00amVivek Varghese
256:00am to 6:15amRojith Mathew
266:15am to 6:30amJones Samuel
276:30am to 6:45amGraham Gaebelein
286:45am to 7:00amSteve Mathews John
297:00am to 7:15amThomson Daniel
307:15am to 7:30amJoel John Johny
317:30am to 7:45amJobin John
327:45am to 8:00amAdd
338:00am to 8:15amAdd
348:15am to 8:30amAdd
358:30am to 8:45amAdd
368:45am to 9:00amAdd
379:00am to 9:15amAdd
389:15am to 9:30amAdd
399:30am to 9:45amAdd
409:45am to 10:00amAdd
4110:00am to 10:15amAdd
4210:15am to 10:30amAdd
4310:30am to 10:45amAdd
4410:45am to 11:00amAdd
4511:00am to 11:15amAdd
4611:15am to 11:30amJohny k John
4711:30am to 11:45amAdd
4811:45am to 12:00pmAdd
4912:00pm to 12:15pmAdd
5012:15pm to 12:30pmAdd
5112:30pm to 12:45pmAdd
5212:45pm to 1:00pmAdd
531:00pm to 1:15pmAdd
541:15pm to 1:30pmAdd
551:30pm to 1:45pmAdd
561:45pm to 2:00pmAdd
572:00pm to 2:15pmAdd
582:15pm to 2:30pmRophi Chris George
592:30pm to 2:45pmAdd
602:45pm to 3:00pmAdd
613:00pm to 3:15pmAdd
623:15pm to 3:30pmAdd
633:30pm to 3:45pmSheffie Jos
643:45pm to 4:00pmAdd
654:00pm to 4:15pmBinoji Uthuppan
664:15pm to 4:30pmAdd
674:30pm to 4:45pmAdd
684:45pm to 5:00pmAdd
695:00pm to 5:15pmRobin Mathew
705:15pm to 5:30pmAdd
715:30pm to 5:45pmAdd
725:45pm to 6:00pmGeogy P
736:00pm to 6:15pmAdd
746:15pm to 6:30pmAdd
756:30pm to 6:45pmAdd
766:45pm to 7:00pmAdd
777:00pm to 7:15pmAdd
787:15pm to 7:30pmAdd
797:30pm to 7:45pmDavis Thomas
807:45pm to 8:00pmAdd
818:00pm to 8:15pmAdd
828:15pm to 8:30pmAdd
838:30pm to 8:45pmAdd
848:45pm to 9:00pmJob joseph
859:00pm to 9:15pmBejoy ommen
869:15pm to 9:30pmJogy Sam
879:30pm to 9:45pmJobin Abraham
889:45pm to 10:00pmJyothish
8910:00pm to 10:15pmBejoy Thomas
9010:15pm to 10:30pmShino Shaji
9110:30pm to 10:45pmCharly Mathew
9210:45pm to 11:00pmBOBBY THOMAS
9311:00pm to 11:15pmIsaac
9411:15pm to 11:30pmRenji Philip
9511:30pm to 11:45pmAdd
9611:45pm to 12:00amV.I.Mathew